God’s Plan

Every decision that became a mistake,
Sometimes well thought; Sometimes in haste.

Every path that was left untrodden,
Sometimes in fear; Sometimes in despair.

Every book that was left half-read,
Sometimes out of confusion; Sometimes in disdain.

Every battle that was fought and lost,
Sometimes to the enemy’s wrath; Sometimes to the dearth of faith.

Every day that started as a burden,
Sometimes to the muscle; Sometimes to the soul.

Every hope that ended as a dream,
Sometimes still born; Sometimes after a long run.

Every little story that cant be untread,
Sometimes owing to the fault of time; Sometimes of my own.

Every turn, Every choice, Every chance that fell apart,
Every time the flames of life engulfed my heart,
I waited for this moment where I’m all reduced to ashes,
Now I rise, as the Phoenix of God’s Plan, from my cinders.


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