It’s one of those nights where I know that you are waiting for me to fall asleep. 

But this time, I’m waiting to see you as well. 

Cos I’m not alone and the wine’s not yet gone. I guess I’ll finally beat you for the first time.

I can hear your hisses as I drift away into the dreams. You must be angry that I’m scheming to fight Or may be just amused at my child play to break the loop. 

Oh you’re close and darkness engulfs now, I realize I’ve been all wrong. 

I m a fool, I’ll try to sleep , may be you’ll be kind on me then.

But the drink is drained, and I’m all alone in pain.

It’s gonna be worse for the head is too clear, heart too sober.

The door is ajar, you’re finally not too far.

Here you come, my unsolicited visitor

Come take me again, my nightmare.


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