About Me

I’m someone who believes that:

There is a Poet inside every one of us.

Poetry needn’t be a spectacular display of language nor does it need to be eloquence at its best. Poetry transcends rhyme or rhythm! It is something that has the power to reach out to the most complicated trio in the cosmos: The Mind, The Heart and The Soul. It is Infinite.

Poetry is Expression, in its Truest form.

Some of us use eyes to express; Some, use silence…and the rest, Words!

It is this love of words, as a means of expression, that has lead to the creation of this blog/website which in itself is a herculean attempt to transform a hobby into a passion. It is more of a personal challenge to discover if indeed , a Poet lives in all of us!

 This blog is a bold alter ego of someone who is:

A Mechanical Design Engineer for 45 Hrs a Week

A Dreamer for 42 Hrs a Week

A Self Taught Guitarist for 10 Hrs a Week

A Language Lover for 7 Hrs a Week

A Perpetual Thinker (Well, as the name says it…) for the rest of the week!


A Poet by Pure Chance & Pain




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