I know, your tired heart is heavy;
Your head, a bit hazy.
May be you had a nightmare;
Or just another silent tear.
May be you are gonna withdraw again,
From this killer of a thing called pain.

I know you might now want solace;
Re-build your mind palace.
May be you would wanna raise the walls;
And live alone in the empty halls.
May be you are just scared of another scar;
And your soul is still waging a silent war.

But when you are seeking loneliness,
May be there is someone waiting for you to say ‘yes’;
Waiting around the corner;
Wanting you to re-remember.
That you need undiluted love,
That which you truly deserve.


Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash



2 Replies to “Withdrawal”

  1. Well described about the pain and I liked the last phrase which says that there is someone waiting for us to say yes, which is absolutely true . We generally ignore people loving us and we will be back of people whom we love.


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