The Irony of an Everlasting Conversation

Sometimes, a great conversation can be so much engrossing that you actually end up living it!

You are so much in love with the vibes that surround you at that point that you actually end up forgetting that it wasn’t bound to last long. You probably would not make any effort to build a bridge that could keep you connected because you know,  that some things like the crescent moon, are best when left half full.

You would ultimately come to your senses and realize, though a little too late, that every great friend you have right now was made possible because of a great conversation in the past. And that’s when you’ll go out of your way and search for those people who have captivated your inner self for that  brief moment of time.

And you’ll wait wishing for another chance and you’ll wonder thinking if the real reason why some things are everlasting, is that…they are never going to happen again!


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