But this hour, my nose runs!

It’s now time for winters,
Here’s a problem that enters;
The same old ultimate fate,
In a way, an unbelievable feat!
But this hour, my nose needs some heat!

Look on! This is my fizzy nose,
Better refer it to a leaky hose;
It isn’t a nose, a helly hill I suppose;
You may even think of a punctured ball, of course!
But this hour, I need to sneeze with force!

These tunnels keep on leaking,
The yellow river has now started flooding;
The whole street is slyly floating,
Go see for yourself, I ain’t kidding!
But this hour, my nose needs a ton of padding!

The folks are likely to get my beak plucked,
Or else, have these canals tightly blocked;
After all this, I know I will be forever mocked,
Don’t look at me now! Go get something to be stuffed!
But this hour, my  nose needs to be somehow stopped!

Isn’t there anybody here?
I beg you, save me from sinking in this yellow mire;
Boil my nose in the blazing air,
Pry it, dry it and fry it, I can no more bear!
But this hour, get this juice sucked by a thirsty vampire.

Every effort has now been tried hard,
My nose still runs, no one to guard;
It’s the one thing I wish I never had,
I just hate my nose; It makes me too sad;
But this hour I ask, Am I born to sneeze dear God?!


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