Weltschmerz- World Sorrow

What will you breathe then?

What will you breathe?

When the air resounds with soulful cries;

The laments of the dying and the desperate;

And the cracking of the whip tearing a man’s chest.

The last breaths of the dead many, will only be left.


What will you drink then?

What will you drink?

When the rivers turn red and flood with blood;

The gore that drips of the thirsty sword;

And that which oozes out of the hearts ruptured;

The tears of the million eyes, will only be left.


Where will you live then?

Where will you live?

When the earth becomes a grave with corpses everywhere;

The heads that dwindle into the dust;

The souls that sink into the soil.

The bloodshed that boils the earth will only be left.


Thou, may one day, become the sole king;

But then, there will be no kingdom nor anyone living.


Thou, with pride, may unleash thy uproar;

But then, there will only be the dead who don’t fear.


Thou will be the only one left,

Thou will be alone.

And when thou fall to death,

There’ll be none to mourn.

With a dying voice, I plead…

Pay thy heed to this dirge of humanity;

Go cleanse thy sins and…

Embrace peace and sanctity.


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