Wake Up.

Love as much as you can, when you still have the person you love with you; Because loving someone is like dreaming. You can't choose or control your dreams, they just happen. Cherish while you can, because living inside a dream is better than waking up to find out that it wasn't real. Cry as …

Friends Forever

Where Sky finds Shelter, And Earth finds Breath; Where Love finds Life, And Life finds a World; Where Heart finds Faith, And Faith finds a Friend; Where You find Me, And We find Love; Where there is no value for Diamonds and Gold, And that deep emotion is Friendship, Which we will Forever withhold.

Wither not…

When a smile greets adversity, faith shelters helplessness and love finds the lost...the essence of life presents itself. Wither not, forget not and hang on; For the wait shall be worth and you shall see.

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