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Disclaimer: All the characters in the story are completely intentional. Please relate where ever possible.

Global Declarations: Fom Cruise(hero), MoonyLeone aka Moo (heroine in a decent role), Bisket Baburao (hero friend), Wormanandam (hero’s another friend).

Special thanks to ‘Developer disco nageshwarao’ (declared without allocating memory).

FOM: Hey buddy! Wassup, long time no see. Where have you been all these days


BBRAO: Hi man! My days are pretty rough!. I wish I could become the new Y2K virus or something!!

FOM: What happened dude? By the way, where do you reside these days?

BBRAO: Recently, I moved to IPhone. It’s like my magic don’t work here man. The files are too hot to handle, forget messing around. The OS is so powerful that it doesn’t even allow me to run in that environment. I think I will rather kill myself, be born as anthrax or something and kill the guy who made this OS!

FOM: But you used to rule where ever you go! Sad to hear this man.

BBRAO: True, long gone are those days where I used to jump from one android phone to another, hide under a file, duplicate myself and get into every damn file in the system, and make a mess no one could fix. I miss those days’ man seriously.

FOM: Tough time bro, everybody has to go through this phase.

BBRAO: That’s fine. Good testers make us better man. Lets hope I mutate and become the X-bug! Just kidding, hehe! Tell me about you. you used to be a Stud in our development times. And yea, you used to run after each and every hot piece of code going around. What’s the matter young man?

FOM: hmmmmm!!.. it’s a tragic story.

BBRAO: Well, Decode yourself to me man.

FOM: Let me tell you the whole story.


/* Those where the code dev days where all the bugs used to be happy with their friends, fooling around*/

Scene-1: At the dev desk. (10am)

/*Coding for the setup pages is going on and Fom Sees Moony Leone for the first time and the conversation with his friend Wormananandam goes as follows


FOM: Man look at her seems like a new girl in here.

Wormanandam: Yes, man. She is Moony Leone who recently got into the setup page. She is probably the hottest piece of code looping around these days..

FOM: <thinking inside his own head> “Didn’t I see her in some forn movie before??”.

Wormanandam: I know what you are thinking but she ain’t that!.

FOM: oh hehe! Seriously man, she is so amazing. See the way she loops around that code. Have you checked out her conditional statements? Shez making me mad uffff! I would love to get lost in her ‘if’ brackets, She’s got style in those ‘break’ statements that could break any functionalities .My true showstopper! I’m in rapid attach mode aka love already!!


Wormanandam: Yes, man I think you have to go bug her.

FOM: Even I think so. Let’s wait for the right moment.

Scene-2: At the console (10:10am same day)

/*The developer is test running his code and there our hero gets to meet our heroine.*/

FOM: Hi Moo!

MOO: Excuse me, Have we ever bugged each other?

FOM: not really! But you’re going to regret if you don’t .

MOO: Is it? Why is that so?


FOM: I have been staying here for 5 long days and I pretty much know how to hide from being caught.

MOO: Oh nice! Will you teach me too?

FOM: Of course, I’d love to. Give me your memory location. So we can chat and talk there.

MOO: Ok sure. 0xhhddr WhatsApp me.

FOM: Ok bye for now! The test run is about to end. Will ping you.

/*The bonding between both grew and they happily keep escaping from being caught, day has come where they went to tester’s hands.*/

Scene-3: At testers place (3pm some other day)

MOO: Hey, I am afraid that they may catch us.

FOM: Chillax! We survived the dev environment, this is just a piece of cake for me. Don’t worry I will take care of you my dear.

//They have survived the test cases.

Scene-4: Regression the climax (2pm a week before the final release).

/*Testers are going very hard on the applications and they are finding huge number of bugs. here our couple have known that this is the last day in their life’s.*/4

FOM: Dear Moo, I think it’s time to say good byes. Seems like a very tough situation to survive. Any last words to say?

MOO: Hmm nothing. You have anything to say?

FOM: Well, you were one of the best things to happen in my life. You have taught me how to move between the logics, loop around the logics fool around the developer. Thanks for everything!

/*Meanwhile tester finds the couple and raises the critical blocker and assign to dev.*/

Scene-5: At dev desk(3:00pm)

/*Developers are angry on the bugs and started analyzing and killing one by one. Dev found out that Fom is vulnerable in combination with Moo so they had to kill Moo and Fom is left all alone.*/

Developer disco nageshwarao: he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. (evil laugh).

<!flash back finished>

BBRAO: Well that’s a heartbreaking story man.

FOM: Hmmm! how come you are in heaven?

BBRAO: I was found by the customer and I made lot of mess irritating the developers and QA during a hotfix. Finally, they were successful in killing me.so I reside in Brahma’s phone and how did you reach here?

FOM: After she has left me, I had no purpose to survive. Couldn’t imagine a day without her. So I bugged myself.

BBRAO: No issues dude. Bugs don’t die! She might be somewhere, keep your brackets open!!

To be continued…….(chillax next part never going to come)

Morals of the story

  1. A girl can mess up bug’s life too.
  2. Never underestimate a tester.
  3. Boys are more expressive than girls. (ref scene-4).
  4. I don’t know how to blog.


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