But this hour, my nose runs!

It’s now time for winters,
Here’s a problem that enters;
The same old ultimate fate,
In a way, an unbelievable feat!
But this hour, my nose needs some heat!

Look on! This is my fizzy nose,
Better refer it to a leaky hose;
It isn’t a nose, a helly hill I suppose;
You may even think of a punctured ball, of course!
But this hour, I need to sneeze with force!

These tunnels keep on leaking,
The yellow river has now started flooding;
The whole street is slyly floating,
Go see for yourself, I ain’t kidding!
But this hour, my nose needs a ton of padding!

The folks are likely to get my beak plucked,
Or else, have these canals tightly blocked;
After all this, I know I will be forever mocked,
Don’t look at me now! Go get something to be stuffed!
But this hour, my  nose needs to be somehow stopped!

Isn’t there anybody here?
I beg you, save me from sinking in this yellow mire;
Boil my nose in the blazing air,
Pry it, dry it and fry it, I can no more bear!
But this hour, get this juice sucked by a thirsty vampire.

Every effort has now been tried hard,
My nose still runs, no one to guard;
It’s the one thing I wish I never had,
I just hate my nose; It makes me too sad;
But this hour I ask, Am I born to sneeze dear God?!



Dear God, I’m just a little bird, lost in rain;
Flying too close to the waters of the ocean,
Trying hard not to drop and drown;
I am someone waiting for you in pain.

I forgot from where I have come;
All directions now seem to be the same.
I can’t find my way back home,
I am someone who is loosing in this hide and seek game

I am flying in a black starless night;
It’s all dark, even inside my heart.
God, please shine a little speck of light,
I am someone who doesn’t know where lies a new start.

The cold winds you send, hit me in the chest,
The unrelenting rain doesn’t quench my thirst,
The gothic twisted clouds try to kill my zest,
The nature is fighting hard against me in this quest.

The bright thunders you send are blinding;
My wings, heavy and wet, are now tiring.
My heart and body are broken from this suffering.
Tossing and tumbling, my sense of control is now fading.

I never wanted to be the glorious bird that sings;
I never asked for any of the worldly things.
I never regretted getting caught up in life’s strings,
All I ever asked you was to give strength to my wings.

God, If you are determined to show your might,
If I was never meant to live through this flight,
If my destiny is to die alone in this unforgiving night,
Please fail my wings, before my will fails to fight.