Wake Up.

Love as much as you can, when you still have the person you love with you; Because loving someone is like dreaming. You  can’t choose or control your dreams, they just happen. Cherish while you can, because living inside a dream is better than waking up to find out that it wasn’t real.

Cry as much as you can, if you still miss the person you loved and if you still love the person you miss. Not everyone finds a person who truly touches their heart. If tears are the only thing that can heal your heart, why try and stop them? Heal your heart, not just for yourself but for the people who are still in love with you.

Hope as much as you can, if you want your loved one to be back with you. Miracles still do happen in this world. Hope until you realize what you really need and what you truly want to hope for. Keep hoping until you see yourself clearer than ever and don’t just see your hopes. Look deep and you will see that there are hopes resting on you too.

And when you reach the end of your search for your soul….

Live as much as you can, when you still have the life to love. Though you may love the one you lost more than yourself, there are so many people around you who love you more than themselves and are trying hard not to loose you.

Don’t keep running. Don’t get lost. Take a moment and turn back. All you need to do is to look at the people looking at you and still in love with you.

You are not someone who doesn’t know the real meaning of love. You are not someone who doesn’t know what it takes to truly love someone. You are not someone who has never been loved before.

You are just someone who has forgotten what it feels like to be loved.

Come back…Wake up.

Be loved again.


Weltschmerz- World Sorrow

What will you breathe then?

What will you breathe?

When the air resounds with soulful cries;

The laments of the dying and the desperate;

And the cracking of the whip tearing a man’s chest.

The last breaths of the dead many, will only be left.


What will you drink then?

What will you drink?

When the rivers turn red and flood with blood;

The gore that drips of the thirsty sword;

And that which oozes out of the hearts ruptured;

The tears of the million eyes, will only be left.


Where will you live then?

Where will you live?

When the earth becomes a grave with corpses everywhere;

The heads that dwindle into the dust;

The souls that sink into the soil.

The bloodshed that boils the earth will only be left.


Thou, may one day, become the sole king;

But then, there will be no kingdom nor anyone living.


Thou, with pride, may unleash thy uproar;

But then, there will only be the dead who don’t fear.


Thou will be the only one left,

Thou will be alone.

And when thou fall to death,

There’ll be none to mourn.

With a dying voice, I plead…

Pay thy heed to this dirge of humanity;

Go cleanse thy sins and…

Embrace peace and sanctity.

Friends Forever

Where Sky finds Shelter,

And Earth finds Breath;

Where Love finds Life,

And Life finds a World;

Where Heart finds Faith,

And Faith finds a Friend;

Where You find Me,

And We find Love;

Where there is no value for Diamonds and Gold,

And that deep emotion is Friendship, we will Forever withhold.

Broken Song

Finally, the rain stopped and the silence of the night returned.

There was no breeze yet and the birds were still sleeping. The leaves weren’t frozen but not for long;

For it was dawn and the dream was gone.

And there was no one who missed the broken song.

Wither not…

When a smile greets adversity, faith shelters helplessness and love finds the lost…the essence of life presents itself.

Wither not, forget not and hang on; For the wait shall be worth and you shall see.