A For Alpha









A for Alpha, B for Bravo
Here’s┬ámy song of binary sorrow.

C for Charlie, D for Delta
My good computer starts to falter.

E for Echo, F for Foxtrot
I’ve already tried the force restart.

G for Golf, H for Hotel
It’s time to ring the IT bell.

I for India, J for Juliet
The sweet IT girl starts a ticket.

K for Kilo, L for Lima
Get ready for some digital drama.

M for Mike, N for November
How do I pass this test of temper?

O for Oscar, P for Papa
I’m so tired of this software saga.

Q for Quebec, R for Romeo
The IT girl is busy in her cameo.

S for Sierra, T for Tango
Seems like a game of phonetic bingo!

U for Uniform, V for Victory
The crash reason is still a mystery!

W for Whiskey, X for X-Ray
Finally it starts; I’m saved for today!

Y for Yankee, Z for Zulu
And so bye bye, lot of work to do.

The Edge of Reality

                                                                                                                                                      Reality is the reference point from which memories and imaginations divulge in opposite directions. It is the horizon that splits the human mind.

On one side of it is a cave; the more you focus on it, the deeper you are buried in the weight of the past.
On the other side is open space; the moment you loose focus, you are lost forever in the paths that won’t lead you back.

Life is all about living on this edge of reality, dancing to its tune.

And when this edge dances, it cuts so deep and sly that it will be a long time until you realise that scars don’t always heal.


Unwritten Stories


In the words that were never really spoken,
In the silences that passed through unbroken…

In the heartfelt letters that weren’t posted,
In the precious memories that never lasted…

In the eyes that withheld the ebbing tears,
In the questions that never looked for any answers…

In the promises that will be eventually unmade,
In the dreams that are waiting to wake up and fade…

Look deep and you’ll find them, hidden;
The greatest stories of our time, never written.


But this hour, my nose runs!

It’s now time for winters,
Here’s a problem that enters;
The same old ultimate fate,
In a way, an unbelievable feat!
But this hour, my nose needs some heat!

Look on! This is my fizzy nose,
Better refer it to a leaky hose;
It isn’t a nose, a helly hill I suppose;
You may even think of a punctured ball, of course!
But this hour, I need to sneeze with force!

These tunnels keep on leaking,
The yellow river has now started flooding;
The whole street is slyly floating,
Go see for yourself, I ain’t kidding!
But this hour, my nose needs a ton of padding!

The folks are likely to get my beak plucked,
Or else, have these canals tightly blocked;
After all this, I know I will be forever mocked,
Don’t look at me now! Go get something to be stuffed!
But this hour, my  nose needs to be somehow stopped!

Isn’t there anybody here?
I beg you, save me from sinking in this yellow mire;
Boil my nose in the blazing air,
Pry it, dry it and fry it, I can no more bear!
But this hour, get this juice sucked by a thirsty vampire.

Every effort has now been tried hard,
My nose still runs, no one to guard;
It’s the one thing I wish I never had,
I just hate my nose; It makes me too sad;
But this hour I ask, Am I born to sneeze dear God?!


Forbidden Forever

Next page, doesn’t know where it’ll lead.
Love story, will make you cry whenever you read.
Suppressed pain, waiting to be freed.
Broken heart, isn’t yet ready to bleed.

Origami, will return to being unfold.
Lonely nights, will forever be cold.
Goodbyes, were never really told.
Time to think, until you grow too old.

Salt water, flowing not from the sea.
Eyes closed, can’t stop the dreams they still see.
Precious memories, will live with you and me.
Forbidden forever, the story that this will be.